Tuesday, August 28

Lunar eclipse

I got up at 3:30 I saw a pale blur (the moon?) buried beneath a thick layer of clouds, and thought, 'Oh, no!' Not too hopeful, I got up at 5:15, and saw a reddish, totally-eclipsed moon. It was beautiful. I got up again, after the total eclipse was over, and, at 5:45, the moon was half shining, the other half in shadow. Beautiful too. I guess I'll stay up now, and go for an early escarpment jog a little later.

The 2001 totality captured by NASA astronomer Fred Espenak. I rotated the image in order that it appear like the totality I saw. Image courtesy of Fred Espenak, copyright 2003, used with permission, www.MrEclipse.com

I'm stll sort of sleepy. The sky is getting red to the north. The Sandia Mountains loom as a dark silhouette across the eastern sky. I can see stars here in the city. I saw Orion and even the Peades last night, as I searched for the Moon's dark orb.

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