Friday, December 14

A few flakes

Photo courtesy of Jerome Mathey and Wikipedia.

11 December. By the time I went escarpment hiking, today, it was in the low 40's. Got colder as I climbed. To the east, rain (or snow?) squalls swirled across parts of the city and mountains. To the west, a misty veil crept over the volcanoes. Fearing rain heading my way — I started to jog home. The squall, however, did not come directly east to me. Instead, it swept from the volcanoes in a great arc to the north. Snow (not rain) started to fall, as I headed out. The first snow of the season.


April said...

This from a reader hanging clothes outside:

Epiphany down my collar

Sun shines brightly while
globs of snow cascade from trees.
Not time to hang clothes.

Jérome said...

Thank you for using my snowcristal's photos. I'm pleased to see them on this blog.